Virginia Mijes Martin

Virginia Mijes is a 25+ year veteran in the technology sector with extensive international experience. A leader in the Blockchain and Crypto industry, she is a firm believer in technology as an [...]

Aicha Belassir

Leading with responsibility and coherence, improving the relationship between organisations and their changing environment, is what she is passionate about. Her goal is to continue working to [...]

Beatriz Medina

Beatriz is a partner and consultant at Water, Environment and Business for Development (WE&B) as an expert in the field of socio-environmental studies. By way of a cross-disciplinary focus, [...]

Julie Murat

Julie Murat grew up in France and lived in China, India, Chile, and Germany before settling in Spain in 2016 to start Bridge for Billions with a few other dreamers, at only 23. Their mission from [...]

Berta Argenté

Berta Argenté is the founder and CEO at Blum, a Company Builder for Impact that builds social businesses for disadvantaged women. Her experience includes business design and investment roles at [...]

Laura McDermott

Laura McDermott is passionate about designing sustainable innovations, impactful experiences and educational programs. After moving from her native Ireland to Spain in 2015, Laura began working [...]

Laura Guerra-Arias

Laura is an enterprising woman, with experience in market analysis and a master’s degree in biochemistry and molecular biology. In addition, she is the founder of Redpanti, a project that [...]

Arancha Martinez

At the age of 24, it was clear to me that changing the world is possible. In 2008 I traveled to India with one goal: to be an active part of change. is born. After my training in [...]

Alba Padró

Women have always needed help to solve the usual difficulties in breastfeeding, what has changed is the figure that accompanies them. Women have always relied on the help of other women to learn [...]

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