Özge Efendi

During my master in nanoscience, I noticed the missing offer of science communication and education in the stem-field. Especially courses for adults are rare. In 2020 me and my team started with [...]

Jennifer Busch

After completing her Masters in American Studies at the University of Iowa, USA, and working as a horse trainer and shepherdess in Iceland, Jennifer Busch was a teacher at an elementary school in [...]

Petra Rahn

Petra Rahn (46) is a pedagogue, educationalist and has studied political science in Frankfurt and Madrid. For more than 20 years, she has been dedicated to the field of labor market integration [...]

Larissa Gleich

Larissa Gleich has been working as an Independent Consultant with a focus on Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship since 2015. She has helped many startups and companies in building thriving [...]

Milena Glimbovski

Milena Glimbovski is co-founder and owner of both Original Unverpackt. She studied at the Berlin University of the Arts and worked in communications before deciding to revolutionise sustainable [...]

Katharina Mayer

Katharina is Founder and CEO of the Munich based Kuchentratsch GmbH. With Kuchentratsch, founded in 2014, she successfully combines social impact within a business model. In the bakery, grandmas [...]

Marie-Luise Meinhold

Dr Marie-Luise Meinhold is an impact entrepreneur. Her passion is the founding and qualitative growth of ver.de, the first sustainable property insurance company in Germany. The insurance startup [...]

Yvonne Cvilak

I am the Managing Director of AfB social & green IT, – IT refurbisher, inclusion company, social enterprise. Green, because we specialise in data erasure, refurbishing and IT [...]

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