Yoon-Joo is a multi-award-winning social entrepreneur and co-founder of Snowball Effect. She and her team enable aspiring social entrepreneurs to replicate proven solutions and learn from successful founders, instead of starting from scratch and reinventing the wheel. 

With more than 7 years of experience in the social innovation field, she supported over +100 impact entrepreneurs and social businesses ranging from early-stage to scale-ups in over 15 countries and 3 continents. She previously worked as an open-innovation facilitator, consultant and expansion manager of an impact startup.


Co-founder of Snowball Effect
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Visionary entrepreneur spreading impactful solutions through replication
The greatness of a profession is, probably, above all to unite people: the biggest luxury is the luxury of human relationships.” - Antoine de St Exupéry. At Snowball Effect, I believe we unite people by connecting bridges and fostering collaborations between experienced and aspiring social entrepreneurs. In a world where it is urgent to solve our challenges, there’s no time reinventing the wheel: instead, we have to “stand on the shoulders of Giants” (Newton). And what better way to do so than by learning from those who did it before and replicating their impactful solutions? I am convinced replication can not only solve the social & environmental challenges at scale (the goal) but also be a fulfilling human-to-human entrepreneurial adventure (the journey). The journey matters as much as the goal and I hope the younger generation of women will enjoy collaborating and replicating to achieve the SDG Goals!
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