Ylva Lundkvist Fridh, 36 years old, lives and works in a rural area in northern Sweden. She has a masters degree in Economic and environmental history at Uppsala University. She has more than 15 years of work experience as a organisation developer in the social economy sector. For the last three years she has been the CEO of Swedens only social and micro finance institution – Mikrofonden Sverige. The Micro-fund Sweden has invested 1,7 million Euros in approximately 125 social enterprises in Sweden and aims at closing the financial market gap for social enterprises. 

CEO of Mikrofonden Sverige
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Organisational developer and economic historian with expertise in social finance & social entrepreneurship
In the Swedish venture capital market only 1 % of investments go to female entrepreneurs and basically no money goes to social enterprises. At Mikrofonden we work to achieve the SDGs that stress financial inclusion. By doing that, we accelerate the great work that so many social enterprises do to fulfill many other of the SDGs; like reducing poverty and improving health. We call ourselves "civil societies own venture capital cooperative" and so far we have invested in 125 social enterprises, out of which 61% are led by women. It feels wonderful to make sure that the best social innovations get funded and that more money gets invested in creating a better future.
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