Stefanie is a social entrepreneur and patient advocate. She defines herself as an ‘impact entrepreneur’ — someone who strives to build a business that makes a difference in the world. Diagnosed with stage four cervical cancer at the age of 26, she learned early on what it means to be strong in the face of adversity. After her treatment and healing, she decided to make a big career shift and inspire others with her story. Stefanie started her own social enterprise, The Big C, that focuses on ownership, empowerment and health awareness. She runs coffee corners with vulnerable young people, and she launched her own coffee brand to make a statement in the world. She also works with cancer leagues, patient support groups, hospitals and the medical industry in her native Belgium and at international level. Stefanie supports patient-driven innovation and human-centred design thinking in her work as motivational speaker, storyteller and promoter of innovative healthcare projects.

Founder The Big C
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Social entrepreneur and patient advocate focused on ownership, empowerment and health awareness.
I am passionate about making a difference that matters. When we fully embrace our purpose in life, we understand that it’s all about making the people healthier and happier and the planet a better place to live. When I was diagnosed with cancer at a young age I faced so many challenges and it was so hard to find my peace of happiness again. One day I decided not to be part of the problem anymore so I became part of the solution and started the change that I wanted to see in this world by myself.
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