Born in Cork, Ireland and living between Kinsale, Co. Cork and Sussex, UK, Sinead Crowley has almost 30 years experience in leadership, strategic planning, innovation and pioneering. She designed and delivered a range of first-of-their-kind, impactful programmes with a socio-economic focus in Ireland and across Europe. A natural communicator and storyteller she is fuelled by the power of community and ability to leverage networks for good.

As co-founder of AwakenHub, Sinead has dedicated the last 3 years to building the community with her fellow founders, ensuring the AwakenHub story and social impact mission is not only heard but acted upon to bring about fundamental change for women founders across the island of Ireland and beyond.

Former Global Executive Director of the Irish International Business Network (IIBN). Heavily involved in government-supported Irish diaspora initiatives including member of Dept of Foreign Affairs UK Emigrant Support Programme Advisory Committee
(EASC) at invitation of An Taoiseach (2014- 2020). Champion of women founders, next-generation talent and marginalised groups. Member of Digital Irish London Steering Committee. Sinead also actively supports icap, a UK registered Irish counselling and psychotherapy charity which she spearheaded fundraising and philanthropic work for over a decade.

Co-founder of AwakenHub
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Bringing about fundamental change for women founders across the island of Ireland and beyond.
Knowing how differently women are treated to men in the founder eco- system matched with a desire to remove barriers to investment, scale and success is the reason why I love being part of AwakenHub. Working alongside my friends, who are also my co-founders, to leverage our combined professional and personal networks for good is a privilege and in light of the shameful levels of investment in women founders around the world – is actually an obligation.”
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