Graduated in Interpretation at the Contemporary Arts Academy, started the degree in Classical Studies at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Lisbon and started the Master’s Studies on Women – Gender, Citizenship and Development, at the Open University. She didn’t complete any.

She works regularly in television, film and theater.

She currently works as an actress, director and playwright. In recent years, the staging of the concerts Trilogia das Barcas (2018), by Gil Vicente, and Rei Lear (2019) by William Shakespeare, co-produced by CCB and Toy Ensemble; as well as the creations Theory of Three Ages (2018), co-produced by Teatro Experimental do Porto and Teatro Municipal do Porto, based on the study of the TEP archive, and Todos Os Dias Me Sujo De Coisas Eternas (2019), based on a research work on the toponymy of Porto, presented in the project Cultura em Expansão.

In 2020, she founded the Cassandra artistic structure, to develop her projects.

The latest creation is Monologue of a woman named Maria with her boss, which premiered in 2021, and with which she is on tour during 2022.

Founder & CEO of Cassandra
Mini Bio
Waking minds through art and theatre
I believe that art, and especially theatre, are tremendous weapons to wake up sleepy or distracted minds about the true stuff that the world is made of. In my work as an artist, actress, theatre director, dramaturg, teacher and activist I put my daily energy in making this a better place. That means not only care about the content of the pieces, but also concern with the way we make it: better salaries, more contracts, respecting the working time, the time off... and experimenting ways of feminist leadership.
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