I’m an impact-driven social entrepreneur who believes in the world.

I’m the founder of YEP – Stimme der Jugend, a multi-awarded social start-up focussed on youth empowerment & participation. Why YEP: I fiercly believe, in order to tackle nowadays most pressing challenges, we need a strong civil society. And therefore we have to start early – with the youth, and create moments to experience: “My voice matters. I can make a change.”

Our vision: A world, where participation is not a privilege anymore.

What we do to achieve it: We create innovative opportunities for inclusive participation. Our Mission: To encourage, empower, enable young people to lead social change through participation. (democratic literacy, leadership & changemaker skills; social entrepreneurship education)

As YEP we see ourselves as the bridge organisation between policy makers, businesses, institutions and the youth – to create impactful, inclusive participation opportunities.

During my studies, I developed an Educational Design, “Students As Experts 4 Change”, which combines theatre pedagogy, digital tools and Wise Humanising Creativity and won several prizes. I became self-employed and worked with different companies, NGOs and institutions as an Educational Designer, promoting new ways of youth empowerment, before I founded YEP.

Founder & CEO of YEP
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Encouraging young people to take action everyday
If we want to tackle the challenges of today's world, we need a strong civil society. Therefore we've got to start early: With our youth. Our mission is to encourage, empower, enable young people to lead social change through inclusive participation. We strive to make participation less privilege and part of our democratic culture and everyday life. So everyone knows from a young age on: "My voice and my actions matter, I can make a difference.”
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