Petra Rahn (46) is a pedagogue, educationalist and has studied political science in Frankfurt and Madrid. For more than 20 years, she has been dedicated to the field of labor market integration of disadvantaged persons. She is the CEO of “Bildungsprofis”, an NGO which she founded in 2018. She is passionate about the possibilities of digitalization in the field of education and how these improve access to the labor market.

Founder and CEO of Bildungsprofis
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Integrating refugees in the labor market since 2015.
“In 2015, we all saw the pictures of refugees streaming into Europe and especially Germany, people on foot traveling with the few belongings they could carry. It was immediately clear to me: I must do something. The people need help and help that doesn't turn them into passive recipients of aid but shows them the way into German society and the German labour market. That was the trigger to found my NGO, which qualifies refugees for nursing professions. Why nursing? Germany is urgently looking for nursing staff and is recruiting skilled workers abroad for this purpose. Why not open this perspective to people who are already in Germany and are looking for a future?"
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