Paulina is a driven and passionate entrepreneur who has achieved a great deal in her 29 years. She has co-founded two companies working to improve children’s social-emotional learning through play, of which one, Peppy Pals, was acquired. She is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of Peppy agency.

Paulina’s work is guided by her vision to position children as role models in the world, and to empower children and families with the social emotional tools they need to thrive. Despite her young age, Paulina has already achieved significant recognition for her work. At just 25 years old, she was awarded by the Swedish King. In addition to her entrepreneurial pursuits, Paulina is also a member of the Six Seconds Advisory Board.

This organization is one of the largest EQ-organizations in the world, and works to promote the well-being of both children and adults. Overall, Paulina is a remarkable young woman who has achieved a great deal in her career. Her passion for empowering children and families is evident in everything

CEO & Co-Founder of Peppy Agency
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Working to improve children’s social-emotional learning through play
I wish for all young women to chase their dreams and realize their ambition without facing any discrimination or barriers due to gender. To do so, we all – men, women, non-binary - need to continue to be brave and fight inequalities. We need to continue to uplift each other, and not always because of gender, but because of the personalities and abilities we possess that can continue to inspire the future generation of leaders to be more empathic, inclusive and brave. But to be honest, the younger generation already run the world! They’re my role models every day.
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