Pamela Benitez has been an events manager with over 10 years of experience creating VIP events and corporate entertainment. In 2019 she was part of the exclusive A-list TOP 35 under 35 agency players by C&IT Magazine.

She launched the first social enterprise events agency specializing in virtual and hybrid events experience, during the pandemic after losing her own job. The Virtual Events Experience is an events agency providing in-person, virtual, and hybrid events management for corporate business, from team-building activities to bespoke event creation. In one year of operation, the business helped companies like Amazon (Book Depository), Fiverr, Deloitte, Sysmex Laboratories, and more to create events giving back. Currently, The Virtual Events Experience donated a total of £3K to different causes such as Samaritans, Buses 4 Homeless, Shaw Trust, The Lewis Moody Foundation. The business also organized four free webinar events for unemployed event organizers and donated eight courses in virtual events by The Media House to unemployed event organizers to upgrade their skills. 

Founder & CEO of The Virtual Events Experience
Mini Bio
Pioneer of social causes through virtual events
Losing my events job during the pandemic and seeing other colleagues in the same situation made me realise how relevant is to have a better company business structure. The possibility to help other companies by creating events while supporting great causes and my events industry peers are my key motivation to succeed. Corporate events have great budgets and audiences, if we could help them to convert a small % of these budgets and spread the news about different causes to their audience then we can help to make the world better by providing the service they need.
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