Naomi is co-founder and Director of ICENA. Since ICENA’s inception 2.5 years ago, Naomi has been pivotal to every aspect of the organisation’s success. From securing initial funding, to assuming the role of Director, pivoting the business online during the pandemic, to guaranteeing sustainability for the projects ICENA supports. 

She has an MSc in Voluntary Sector Management and has worked within the sexual violence sector for nine years. As part of her MSc, Naomi studied governance structures, marketing and fundraising and played a pivotal role in the formation of ICENA. Naomi has also worked for local and national charities in philanthropy and corporate partnership roles.

Co-Founder & Director of ICENA Ltd
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Entrepreneur proving training and consultancy to help create safe and equitable (work)spaces
More than four-fifths of young women in the UK have been subjected to sexual violence. One in five women have been subjected to some form of sexual violence. We are still so far away from gender equality - this is not acceptable. These two things alone fuelled me and my co-founders to create ICENA. At ICENA our goal is to change attitudes, beliefs, and practices, and promote equal access to resources and opportunities to end sexual discrimination and violence. The profits from our services fund vital support systems for UK survivors of sexual violence. I may not see the end of gender-based violence in my lifetime, but through ICENA, we can make sure survivors get the support they need until we have gender equality.
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