Milena Glimbovski is co-founder and owner of both Original Unverpackt. She studied at the Berlin University of the Arts and worked in communications before deciding to revolutionise sustainable food retail. Wanting to find a new solution to the old problem of packaging waste, a new idea was born – a supermarket free from disposable packaging. Original Unverpackt first opened its doors in September 2014. Original Unverpackt is a small supermarket completely free from disposable packaging. The products are organic, sourced locally and range from everyday supplies like fruit, vegetables and cleaning products over to skin creams and vodka. The opening of Original Unverpackt inspired many people around the world to join the movement and open up further zero waste shops.

When I am out in a club, drunk, ordering the 3rd gin tonic, I ask the bar staff not to give me a straw. Because it is plastic and I can get wasted without it. This is such a tiny change, but one, which sparks conversations, you start talking, you get people to think about what they take as granted and how easily they can change small things. It always starts small.

Learn more in Milena’s Ted Talk Zero Waste – Why the little things matter 

Founder & CEO of Original Unpacked and a Good Publisher
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Pioneer in the ecological entrepreneurial world
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