From a very early age, and ever since finishing her studies in university, she started working in the family company, something she’s done for 34 years now. Always taking on roles of supervision and people management, she developed her ability to find solutions and lead her teams to achieve the results needed.

This process happened in a business environment male-dominated, and as such, it was also crucial that she would develop herself and discover traits that would allow her to make a difference in leadership as a woman. This path of 24 years culminated with the challenge of developing a social project. As such, in 2013, she started the “Pony Club do Porto” project, whose mission was to work with children with special educational needs using horse-assisted therapy.

And so, during these 10 years and using all the tools and experience she had acquired, she developed a project with the goal of improving the lives of children and young people with several types of disabilities, as well as their respective families so they can have hope and watch their children grow with more autonomy and less dependency.

While always focusing on finding new solutions and innovating, she continues the search to find new areas that could benefit the well-being and health of people, while maintaining the horse as the vehicle of this movement.
During the last 10 years, she created teams that helped to grow and realize the goal of this project. And with a team comprised of 80% women that facilitate the progress of this project for everyone that seeks this type of therapy, while nurturing an extremely positive social impact as well.

Believing that her work and mission is always directed to the wellbeing of others, she follows the moto that her role as a leader is to serve, as only then can you impact and make a difference in the world.

Director of Pony Club do Porto
Mini Bio
Founder of “Pony Club do Porto” project, whose mission is to work with children with special educational needs using horse-assisted therapy.
What motivates me is the sense of mission I get from the work we do.
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