Former successful bank manager, she is the soul, body and mind of the social brand “made in carcere”. Her mission is to involve people in detention to rebuild new identities and awareness, both in the field of social inclusion but also in the field of environmental impact, and not only in prison but also “inside-out”. In 2004 she left milan and the banking world, after having created the first online bank in Italy in 2000 and after 22 years of a brilliant career in the world of finance she decide to leave the golden cage to return to her lecce. With a pinch of healthy madness, she dropped everything and went from technological innovation to social innovation and for over 15 years she has been offering her work for free to make this dream of common well-being come true.

In 2006 Delle Donne founded officina creativa, a non-profit social cooperative, and the “made in carcere” brand was born. In addition to the production of sustainable products (customized gadgets and accessories) made with inventories, you promote a new lifestyle and create a restorative and regenerative economy model that is good for everyone. She generated systemic change, created a social academy trying to replicate the model in Italy and abroad, supporting the launch of several suburban social tailors and collaborating with various national and international universities.

Founder and CEO of Made In Carcere
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Her mission is to involve people in detention to rebuild new identities and awareness, in the fields of social inclusion and environmental impact. Not only in prison but also "inside-out".
In the next 10 years we would like to obtain results in terms of project replicability, greater awareness on the part of people, public administrations and profit companies on environmental protection, the waste of resources which are not infinite and the protection and safeguarding of people at risk of marginalization and poverty
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