Liz Gleeson is an experienced Psychotherapist and Educator in the field of Grief and Loss and is currently a PhD student in the field of Grief Education. She offers workshops and trainings for a variety of organisations and is a Module Coordinator for the MSc Bereavement Studies at the Irish Hospice Foundation & RCSI. In 2015, Liz qualified as an Open Floor Movement Therapist, an approach that she uses to inform her clinical practice and she has a particular interest in a somatic approach to supporting the grieving process. Liz has completed Core Skills training in Mindful Self Compassion with Dr. Chris Germer. Qualified with a MA Dramatherapy, MSc Bereavement Studies and MA in Counselling & Psychotherapy, Liz’s approach is well grounded in theory & practice. In 2019, Liz set-up the podcast ‘Shapes Of Grief’ which has found its way onto recommended resources in Universities and Colleges internationally, as an excellent resource for grief education, earning 100, 000+ plays in its first two years. She offers one-to-one therapeutic support for those going through grief of any kind from her private practice in Greystones (and online) and also facilitates a number of Bereavement Groups. Liz is one of a few therapists providing Prolonged Grief Therapy in Europe. Liz is curator of the Shapes Of Grief Global Grief Education Programme and speaks at conferences and summits internationally about all aspects of Grief.

Director of Shapes Of Grief
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Bereavement therapist provide invaluable support during the grieving process
My goal is to help create a more grief-literate society & to ensure that all mental health professionals are grief-trained
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