Liliana has experience in project management and development, with special emphasis in social innovation, community development and mental health. She also holds both a BsC and MsC in Psychology focused on “Therapy and Health” and “Work and Organizational Behavior”, and professional certifications in topics such as management, social entrepreneurship, coaching, crisis intervention and design thinking.  

Liliana’s experience led her to the path of teams’ management and project development, where she developed skills such as communication, impact measurement and training. 

Liliana’s full potential is realised within positive and inspiring teams, where she is able to create and develop innovative and collaborative projects with a positive impact in the world. 

CEO of IRIS Social Innovation Incubator
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Developer of innovative and collaborative projects
Women and girls from future generations should have the right to realize their full potential, pursue their dreams and ideas and have their voice heard. This journey should also be mentored, more and more, by inspiring and overcoming female role models.
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