Laura is Chairman of the board of Il Giardinone Cooperativa Sociale, and founder of the two circular economy projects Fungobox and Coffeefrom. After graduating in Political Economy, she soon became aware of environmental issues and of the sustainable development actions in the Third World. She therefore started her career in non-profit organizations in 2004, working also in India as project coordinator. Since then, she has covered administrative and managing roles, while a strong sensitivity towards social impact on quality of life.

CEO of Il Giardinone Cooperativa Sociale
Mini Bio
Serial entrepreneur dedicated to circular economy
For me, working in a social business is about self-balance. Everyday, I can make a positive impact “just” carrying out my tasks, especially on fragile people, who usually lack tools and resources. It’s good to know that my job is a tool that allows me to change the logics of production systems or services. I like to push people around me to boost their own self-esteem, their personal enrichment and embrace new challenges to discover unexplored skills; these are among the elements that allows me to reach the organization’s goals.
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