Forward·Inc is an Amsterdam-based, internationally operating organization devoted to helping newcomers  pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. We empower them to launch, grow, fund, and sustain their own businesses. Forward believes in the incredible talent of people with a refugee background, their value to society, and their potential to build bridges across communities. 

Forward’s programs assist aspiring entrepreneurs with everything from concept development and becoming pitch-ready to implementing marketing strategies and scaling their businesses.


Co-Founder & Managing Director at Forward·Inc
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Inspired changemaker helping newcomers pursue their entrepreneurial dreams
Everyone deserves access to opportunities. For me personally, what motivates me is seeing people with a refugee background win and being successful against all odds. I am on a daily basis inspired by their resilience and strength to start a business from scratch in a new environment. If some of the work of Forward·Inc can be tied back to newcomers becoming economically independent and being able to take their lives into their own hands again, then what we do has value and I will give it my best to grow our reach and support more people everyday.
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