• Advocate of lifelong learning and stepping out of your comfort zone — daily. My mission is to empower others to live to their highest potential.
  • Enthusiast in laser technology for medical breakthroughs. Expert in English copywriting, proofreading and content creation, specifically for organisations seeking to thrive on an international scale.
  • Strong belief in empowerment through education and communication. Natural ability to grow communities into an international and growth mindset. Committed to collaborating with international-minded entities to provide innovative and quality communication through media and technology.
  • Professional experience working in North America, Europe and Asia.
  • Extensive background in Communications: language instruction, marketing communications, event coordination, broadcast journalism, public speaking, community building, international relations and M&E in developing countries.
Founder of Bloom ry
Mini Bio
Advocate of empowerment through education and communication
Empower others by being the voice for those who cannot be heard. And that means stepping out of your comfort zone - daily.
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