Jenny is Co-Founder of The Newsroom, on a mission to fight misinformation and break filter bubbles in the news. She started her career in the world of technology, working in Digital Sales at Google, where she also mentored startups focusing on UN SDGs across Africa and Europe, in Solution Engineering at Salesforce, as well as in startup incubators during her studies.
Thanks to her and her Co-Founder’s work at The Newsroom, she’s been selected among the 15 best social entrepreneurs in Europe by the European Investment Bank Institute in 2021, and nominated as a Yunus & Youth Fellow in 2022. Her academic background is in international economics at Bocconi University and business at HEC Paris and CEMS, with additional studies undertaken in Business Sustainability Management at the University of Cambridge, Circular Economy at the University of Exeter | Ellen MacArthur Foundation, and Cyberpsychology at IADT Dublin.

When not working on The Newsroom, she can be found in the outdoors, traveling, cooking, exercising, practicing yoga, diving into books and jigsaw puzzles, or talking to strangers.

Co-Founder, CEO - The Newsroom
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On a mission to fight misinformation and break filter bubbles in the news
What if we broke free from our own filter bubbles, and got back to connecting with people who think differently from us? We're much more similar than we are different, even though we often believe otherwise.
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