Isabella Lenarduzzi is a Social Entrepreneur in employment, gender equality, diversity and inclusion at work. Founding & Managing Director of JUMP. Isabella is an Ashoka Fellow. Ashoka Fellows are leading social entrepreneurs who are recognised to have innovative solutions to social problems and the potential to change patterns across society. Isabella launched JUMP in 2006.

JUMP is a European social enterprise that aims to create a more equitable and inclusive society by working with organisations to achieve gender equality and fair representation of diversity. JUMP is based in Brussels and Paris. Key opinion leader throughout editorials, chronicler or discussant in media, conferences and trainings, articles, … Publisher and co-writer of a dozen of surveys and studies : Women in digital transformation, Do men want equality at work, How to overcome women’s career barriers, Women in entrepreneurship, Dual career couples and those who reverse gender stereotypes, Sexism at Work, How to make your company more inclusive. She is an expert consultant in DEI and has accompanied tens of large organisations in their paths toward equity and inclusion and cultural change: Eur. Patent office, ENGIE, Verisure, National Bank of Belgium, French Armies, Total, Business&Decisions.

She has produced and co-written eLearning on DEI, sexism and all forms of discrimination for ENGIE and NATO among others (web tool : rise articulate) She is Vice President of the Brussels Council for Equality, nominated by the President of the European Parliament as the Alternate Member of the Experts Forum of the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE), member of several boards, member of the jury of the “Sustainability Professional” and was member of several selection jury for public administration top leader

Serial social entrepreneur; Founder of JUMP, Solutions for Equity at Work
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Key opinion leader and Social entrepreneur in employment, gender equality, diversity and inclusion.
Working for real equality between women and men, I discovered that it is the most powerful lever for creating companies with a fair representation of all diversities, building a stronger and fairer economy, and achieving a sustainable and inclusive society. SDG 5 ( gender equality) is at the heart of all inequalities and therefore central to the transformation of society. This is certainly why it is the most divisive and subversive of all UN 2030 goals.
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