Ingun is an entrepreneurial woman who is always looking for new challenges and creating new opportunities. She is a connector, a community builder, a mentor and social entrepreneur. All her activities are focused on creating a better world for all: more conscious, more connected, more sustainable and more humane. 

After a corporate career of almost 20 years, she started her own business in the beginning of 2003 mostly to be really able to be her authentic self.

Ingun is a connector and builds bridges between many organizations and people. She loves to work with people, make them think and make them aware of the role they themselves can play to be the change in any situation.

Over the past 12 years she became more involved in women empowerment. In 2016 she knew she had to take responsibility and build a movement with the potential to make a real impact to change the world. She founded Female Wave of Change with the ultimate goal to change the world into a better place for all by guiding women to step into their leadership and become the Authentic Feminine Leaders the world desperately needs right now.

As Founder of Female Wave of Change she is able to connect women and men worldwide. She is a strong believer that authentic feminine leadership is the way to move forward and drive change. As president of the board she leads Female Wave of Change into the future. 

Ingun founded Move in2 the Future in the beginning of 2020, because she wants to contribute to a world where the 50plus generation plays a significant role to create the future. The knowledge, experience and wisdom of this Wize Generation is important to tap into.

On May 1st 2021, an online international global community was launched where people of the 50plus generation come together to connect, to have fun, to learn, to share, to create and innovate: The Wize Move Society!

With the Wize Move Society she has the intention to build a community where the 50plus generation is able to re-invent themselves and get ready for the next phase in their lives.

Founder & President Female Wave of Change
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A connector, a community builder, a mentor and social entrepreneur
Step into your authentic feminine leadership and lead change for the better!
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