Activist and entrepreneur from head to toe, passionate about social impact, and one of the 100 young Portuguese women in the Global Shapers 100 Opportunities project.

Enthusiastic about life, learning and new experiences.

154 centimetres tall, which makes me the person with the most ideas per centimetre.

I am privileged to be surrounded by extraordinary people and to be able to work every day to reduce inequality of opportunity.  I like to look at my work as an opportunity to generate change. I know that work is what takes up most of my day, if so, then let it be to put my talent at the service of global transformation.

Talent Activator Manager at GirlMOVE Academy and Movimento Transformers
Mini Bio
Activist and entrepreneur passionate about social impact
We are opening the most important path, giving them role models, generating possibilities, contributing to female leadership and to a more equitable system. This gives us hope to believe that the next generations will have a more assertive vision about the way forward.
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