I was born in 1966 in Istanbul. I am a mother of 2 children. After 29 years of corporate life as an electrical engineer graduated from ITU, I started work in the field of social enterprise.

I started Symbiosis Activity with the slogan of “we sprout together” as an entrepreneurial woman and where my own project is a social enterprise, introduces social entrepreneurship to individuals with entrepreneurial potential, offers social entrepreneurs at every stage with pre-program and incubation programs, offering opportunities to turn their ideas into business. an activity centre established for the purpose of being a guide.

I want to spread this culture, primarily from preschool children to professionals in the business world, in the city and country we live in, with our partnerships in the ecosystem. In parallel, to increase the number of social enterprises with proven social impact that have turned into national and international collaborations and operational, and to provide consultancy and mentorship in these journeys. Establishing a social cooperative consisting of parents and creating a living town fully integrated with social life without exclusion, where the mentally handicapped can produce, sell and earn their own living after their death.

Co-Founder & CEO of Simbiyoz Aktivite
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Guiding disadvantaged groups toward economic independence through entrepreneurship
I hope the younger generation of women will work harder than today to continue on the stony and earthy path they believe in without giving up and to leave a livable world for every living species to future generations in a sustainable way.
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