Hannah co-founded Vollpension in 2014, and since then she has been managing director that she has recently passed on to her co-founders Julia Krenmayr and Moriz Piffl. Her goal for Vollpension is to create meeting places for different kinds of people on the same eye and heart levels, and bring them in contact with each other. Hanna always finds new solutions by building bridges between different people, but also between the social and financial goals of the company, and the basis for all this is establishing and living a new form of working together as the centre of the company’s activities. In several projects, she’s already had the chance to live out her passion for bringing different perspectives together and bringing down-to-earth, socially relevant ideas. All this has made her an expert in social entrepreneurship, social innovation and political entrepreneurship over the past 10 years.

Co-Founder of Vollpension
Mini Bio
Social Entrepreneur and Bridge Builder
What we aim to do with our initiatives is creating and holding space for diversity, enabling humans to connect on a heart to heart and eye to eye level in order to shape a diverse and colorful, healthy world, full of compassion. That makes me get up every day in the morning.
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