Gulnara Shahinian is international independent expert on human rights, slavery and human trafficking . She has been an inspiring leader and founder of numerous social enterprises for women in the border communities of Armenia.

She has been elected by the UN Human rights Council as  the first UN Special Rapporteur  on contemporary forms of slavery  as well as elected as first deputy chair of Intergovernmental commission of the Council Of Europe to develop and monitor  the Convention of Actions against Trafficking in human beings.  She also  chaired  numerous UN expert commissions.

She has been working in more than 30 countries, assessing situation with human rights and presenting recommendation’s to the Governments 

She is member of board of many international organizations and has numerous publications and currently works as international consultant with many agencies.

 She is recipient of many awards from Governments (Brasil ,Mauritania,USA) for her work and Anita Augsburg Award for peace

In Armenia she is  founder and chair of NGO “Democracy Today” one of the oldest civil society organizations in Armenia  that works in the area of gender equality and economic empowerment of women and youth. Using creative innovative techniques herself and  her creative team  have  helped   to establish  and successfully run around  200 effective  social enterprises thought Armenia, providing new inspiration and life to so many people and the country.

Founder & Chair of Democracy Today & Fiorment UN Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of slavery
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Expert on counter-trafficking, anti-slavery and forced labour
I worked for many years with people victims of modern slavery all over the world with people stripped of their fundamental rights and having with no perspective and hope for future, but given them skills, inspiration, unlashing their creativity makes miracle.
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