Giulia is the co-founder of the Greentech Italian startup Vezua, the omnichannel sustainability marketplace. Giulia is also a board member of the Italian holding 76 Investimenti. She is a young changemaker of the Ashoka network for the EU GEN-C Project promoted by Horizon EU and Agenzia Italiana Giovani. She is an LSE alumna, where she studies business administration. She’s 24 years old and among the youngest female entrepreneurs.  

She is featured in the most important newspapers and interviews programs in Italy. She’s now working in Dubai as UAE Partnership Facilitator for Companies and UAE Investments Advisor. 

Co-Founder and CEO of Vezua
Mini Bio
Transforming trade into an act to create social and environmental value
I strongly believe that money can become a tool for generating social and environmental value if correctly invested. For this reason it is very important to educate people to buy in a conscious way, knowing the real consequences behind each purchase. Through the act of purchase, we have the ability to express the type of company we want. For this reason our Vezua mission is to make trade an act to create social and environmental value.
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