Evoléna is a feminist, climate activist and the founder of greentech startup Faircado and women empowerment non-profit Solidartsy. She is driven by the idea that a better, fairer, greener world is possible – we just need to join forces to create it.

Faircado is the first AI-powered search and comparison platform for second-hand shopping. Founded in 2021, it aims at making second-hand the first choice of every consumer, by allowing them to save time, money and CO2 while buying what they need.

Solidartsy is a non-profit giving marketing & business coaching to female artists. It was born in 2020 from the realization that the art world has a diversity problem, and that the most talented artists are not always the best ones at selling their art.

On International Women’s Rights Day 2022, Faircado and Solidartsy joined forces to create the Circul’art Fair, an exclusive upcycled art collection entirely made by women. All the profits of the campaign will be transferred to associations that strengthen women and girls in crisis regions or work at the integration of refugees. It is available on

Co-founder & Managing Director at Faircado & Solidarsty
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Climate & women empowerment activist and entrepreneur
The climate crisis can't be tackled without addressing the patriarchal system it was built on. The current conflicts can't be considered without their link to our fossil fuel dependency. The health crisis can't be comprehended without our systematic overexploitation of natural resources. All crises are tied together. Empowering women & making our economies function within the planetary boundaries are the keys to building a better, fairer, greener world. And art was, is & will always be the most powerful messenger for change.
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