VC of Board of Needs Map, studied Economics at Marmara University. She has 16 years of corporate experience in tourism; 2 years as a coordinator in international organisations, 12 years as Sales & Marketing Manager in the hospitality sector and 2 years as Director of Sales of Tourism & Leisure in Assistance sector. She has participated in many tourism fairs representing her companies and in many sectoral seminars as a keynote speaker.

She has volunteered with several NGOs. during her two years in United States and she volunteered to conduct personal development trainings for teenager and adult groups at different community centers. She took charge in charity events organised especially for homeless people in Turkey and abroad. Needs Map is the beginning of her journey as a serial social entrepreneur. After serving as the General Coordinator of Needs Map for the first 1.5 years, she continues her duties as the VC of Board.

Esra Arslan is co-partner of Inogar and co-founder of Inogar Art, with a mission to inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge, and empower disadvantaged groups by helping them gain more control over their lives by organising resources for social change and equality. She actively contributes to the designing, planning and the operation of CSR projects, manages corporate relations, fundraising and community building activities as well. She is also responsible for the Partnership development and relations of S.O.S.Chain , the first blockchain product for disasters and humanitarian aid developed by Needs Map.

She also participated in numerous folk dance festivals as a performer since her childhood and had the opportunity to visit numerous different countries and exchange cultures while building lifetime connections which helped her develop a wide range of local and global networks. She is an IVLP Alumni with a completion of a successful program in Youth & Civic Engagement. She is also the Community Building Trainer of TechCamp, the public diplomacy program hosted by the US Bureau of Educational &
Cultural Affairs (ECA) Still, her strongest belief is that goodwill and solidarity will save the world.

VC of the Board, Needs Map
Mini Bio
Serial social entrepreneur
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. And when you follow your dreams strong and courageous enough to take action, the world will follow.
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