I always find myself in a creative mode for something. I feel alive when i start a project from scratch, when i see people locking arms for one purpose, magic happens… After many years of wondering “which is my purpose?” I found it!

To empower & help other women to fulfil their dreams as entrepreneurs! This is Women Do Business.

Women Do Businessis is a Greek NPO which promotes female entrepreneurship and is against stereotypes. Its goal is to inspire, but also to empower women in the field of business.

At the same time we organise events for women’s entrepreneurship, giving the opportunity to women who have succeeded and are active in the business world to share their story in a simple and direct way.

Founder of Women Do Business
Mini Bio
Creative leader helping other women to fulfil their dreams as entrepreneurs
I grew up on an island of Greece, having to face and overcome social stereotypes concerning what women should and should not do, my whole life. Therefore, what drives me to work and act is pursuing a world where gender equality is achieved and noone is discriminated against on the basis of sex. Women can do anything and entrepreneurship has no gender!
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