I am very attentive towards the challenges about women in leadership. I have worked with this problem as an equality-consultant for 5 years and have been a member of a national network called “Mainstreaming-network” for several years.

I have been CEO in Huset Venture Nordjylland since 2017 – and in addition to that I am now member of the network “Board-Women” and “Women in leading positions in North Jutland”.

When I look across the Danish field of eg. Socio-economic companies, I can see that there are several women top-leaders (more than in conventional companies) – maybe that’s because these kind of meaningful (and not only profit-driven) companies appeal more to women? Any way:  we are still important role-models, and our position and contribution can be used as a positive lever for the next generation, and especially for the women who want to work with sustainability, ESG, CSR etc

Director of Huset Venture Nordjylland
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Social entrepreneur focused on job creation and business development
I believe that all people can do something -and that they want to contribute. In Huset Venture Nordjylland, we create the opportunity to get meaningful jobs for people with reduced working capacity. In 2021, we have thus contributed to more than 150 people entering jobs or closer to the labor market.
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