What drives you to work and focus in this particular field and strive to reach the aims of your organisation?

Changing the world has become a trend and it comes from a real need to create a new paradigm and social economy is the model to me that is the most suitable to prepare the transition for the world to come especially when you are coming from an oversea region. The challenges we face are linked to the contemporary world issues (green transition, inclusion, digitalization etc.). Yet, we are not necessarily having the tools to generate change in our regions through social economy. I deeply care about the next generation as well as our generation and I hope we will be successful at achieving this transition. Bearing that in mind on a daily basis is a strong motor especially when building cooperation and partnerships as it often implies gathering divergent interests towards a common goal.

What do you want to achieve in the next 10 years especially for the fulfilment of SDG Goals?

Making friends across the globe to reach SDG goals !
Social Economy has been an intangible concept until I reconnected it to my traditions which gave me meaning and commitment for change. For the next 10 years, I believe I would like to take my commitment for social economy a bit further by focusing my work on integrating oversea regions and territories in the international debate by building more cooperation between oversea regions with their direct neighboring region (Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Carribean) and mainland Europe. I hope that making friends to create value in social economy especially when being an oversea region is
key. Through these achievements I would like to fulfill the SDG « Partnership for the goals ». For the next 10 years, I also would like to achieve another SDG which is « gender equality » as we need more women at decision making position in social economy and in oversea regions and territories. I can achieve that. Women leaders aspiring for a social and environmental change are not missing and I would love to offer a space for them to expand their convictions through the organizations they lead. I believe, as women, we have the leadership skills and quality needed for the new era to come and developing partnerships for women acting in Social Economy will be one of my main focus.

International Strategy Expert for Social Economy
Mini Bio
Dedicated professional building partnership for the goals
I hope that younger generation of women will not lose faith in the world even if it may seem uncertain and it is in a certain way. However, Hope should be found by creating sustainable communities, groups and organizations that can benefit the world in a constructive and positive manner. I hope that younger generations of women will not be afraid to be WOMEN and chose what is fair and good hearted even when the world seems to show the contrary!
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