Dita is a co-founder and Non-executive Director of the Czech-based social business Czechitas that is inspiring and educating women and youth in IT and digital skills and today is operating in 8 locations, employing 50+ people, managing a community of 560+ active industrial experts and network of 100+ companies and organizing activities for 15.000 students yearly. Besides Czechitas, she initiated other educational projects: Academy of Programming, Powercoders, Datagirls and Czech GreenFox Academy. She is listed Forbes 30 under 30, CESA Female Role Model, European Citizen Prize and SXSW Community Service Award. She is a member of advisory board Cesko.Digital and SocialImpact Award International and recently she has join also Avast on a journey building a global, diverse and inclusive culture.  Her passion is education, innovations, technology, social entrepreneurship, kitesurfing, climbing, downhill biking, and many other adrenalin adventures.

Founder & Chairwoman Czechitas | Director, Diversity & Inclusion and Communities Avast
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Inspiring women to take on technological and entrepreneurial challenges
For a better and more equitable future, we should all take part in changing the world around us. Therefore we should focus on closing the gender tech skills gap, on inspiring and empowering women to pursue their careers in technology and entrepreneurship.
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