Diana is a co-founder and CEO of the International Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation platform NewDoor – the first social entrepreneurship accelerator in the Baltic States, founded in 2013 and one of the five founding members of Latvian Social Entrepreneurship Association.

In addition to her role at NewDoor, Diana is an active consultant in areas of social entrepreneurship, social innovation and corporate social responsibility. She is a mentor for social entrepreneurs and a member of the Social Enterprise status assignment Commission at the Ministry of Welfare of the Republic of Latvia.
She is one of the co-founders and a Member of Council of the Latvian Space Industry Association (LAIK)  passionate about sustainable space technologies which can improve life on Earth.

Diana holds a BA in Communication Studies from Bar-Ilan University (Israel), an MBA from Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration and Mini MBA from Stockholm School of Economics.
Diana is fluent in 5 languages – Latvian, Hebrew, English, French and Russian. She is passionate about art, yoga, and zumba.

Co-founder & CEO of NewDoor – International Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation platform
Mini Bio
The first social entrepreneurship accelerator in the Baltic States
Most of all, my motivation comes from people that I meet at every social entrepreneurship acceleration course that we launch. These are social project founders who dedicate their lives to supporting the vulnerable, helping those in need and building social businesses that create lasting positive change in society. These are mentors that give back to the community by sharing their knowledge with social entrepreneurs in order to help them become economically stable and resilient. When I see these people from different corners of Latvia and the world, acting with the best intentions, growing and persevering, I believe that there is a future for all of us.
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