Cynthia is a Canadian who has been living in Norway fro over 20 years. She is an RSA Fellow, lifelong learner, mentor and serial entrepreneur passionate about how the combination of technology, innovative business models and the use of global networks and resources can create social, economic and environmental impact. Combining her broad background in technology and focus on sustainability, she has a proven record of converting ideas into action for positive societal change. She is the founder and systems architect of Circular Regions, the flagship initiative of Locals.Global a United Nations registered partnership supporting the SDGs, where they are developing a suite of practical and effective tools for individuals and organisations supporting systemic place-based innovation for a Circular Economy​. Supporting Networks, Hubs, Hotspots, Clusters, Cities & Regions and mission-oriented organizations in the Circular Economy and related arenas such as the Bio-economy, regenerative economy, carbon neutrality etc… – to catalogue, categorize, contextualize and connect their data and resources to bridge them to the wider community.

Founder & CEO of Circular Regions
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Driven professional in the reign of circular economy
By combining my love for technology with my interest in creating positive social, economic and environmental impact, I am driven to work on enabling solutions that connect the stakeholders, support the changemakers and use data to help identify which initiatives create the greatest impact.
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