I am a connector. Passionate and result driven about supporting and engaging social entrepreneurs, decision-makers, networks and organisations with each other. Always looking for possibilities to increase consciousness, opportunities, (personal) growth, drive social and female entrepreneurship to create a better world. 

20 years’ experience in driving positive change at international organisations, private sector, family owned businesses and now since 4 years my own social enterprise.  I lived and worked in USA, Greece (Santorini, Thassos, Crete), France, Austria, Egypt (Cairo, Luxor) and The Netherlands. 

Supporter of the movement that values wellbeing, balance and equality more than assets, property and financial gain: the so-called purpose economy. 

I am founder of Impact-Spots, a social workshop in The Netherlands, we are located in Het Impact Huis. Het Impact Huis (The Impact House) is a safe place for people who are now on the sidelines of society, such as refugees (new Dutch) and participants on social welfare. Men and women who have the potential and want to work on themselves and their future. The participants work on their (Dutch) employee skills through work-learning, work-language and work-fit training projects, so that they can move on to a paid job after the training ends.

My intentions are to create social impact by helping people on welfare to successfully reach their potential in the local job market. I don’t look at limitations, but at the talents of the participants and what they can learn. Moving from the sheltered workshop of Impact-Spots to a regular, paid job is my ultimate goal!

Bijenhotelkopen is our productrange of hand-made, professional bee houses that we produce at Impact-Spots. For more information, check My expansion plans are aimed at opening all-female sheltered workplaces in The Netherlands and internationally called Impact-Ladies. For women, by women. A safe working and learning environment where women can work on their lives and careers.

I am eager to learn and I am always open to connect with people and organisations looking for innovative ways to do things. But also I would like to get in contact with female / social entrepreneurs, investors, and anyone who is interested in building a better, inclusive, and sustainable future. 

Founder & CEO of Bijenhotelkopen, Impact-Spots, Impact-Ladies
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Passionate entrepreneur creating social initiatives to boost biodiversity and circulair economy
One of the most effective ways to empower others is to express appreciation for their efforts. Offering positive feedback for showing responsibility. It also makes people feel valued and appreciated, which stimulates a positive work environment. Empowerment occurs when people feel safe. We want them to feel safe and to be themselves at Impact-Spots. When people feel empowered, human needs of respect, purpose and trust are met.
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