At the age of 24, it was clear to me that changing the world is possible. In 2008 I traveled to India with one goal: to be an active part of change. is born.

After my training in business and international relations at ICADE (Madrid) and CESEM (Reims, France) and my professional experience in strategic marketing and finance (Merrill Lynch) in Paris and Dublin, I decided to take advantage of my organizational skills to apply them to the social sector and complete one goal: to create a development NGO that would achieve its objectives from the perspective of efficiency, collaboration and impact, with an approach based on education, innovation and effective management. The result of this: two institutional integrations within the sector and some recognitions and awards (among them, the 2015 Citizens Award in the field of Human Rights, the 2018 Princess of Girona Social Award and the EU Women Innovators 2020 from the European Commission).

A firm believer that technology can maximize the impact of social projects, I led the creation of the PPa-People’s Protection App in 2017 to introduce the most advanced biometrics in the social sector to make visible and protect minors in street situations in developing countries. development (project awarded with the Connecting for Good Award for Innovation by the Vodafone Foundation 2017, Generation of COTEC 2018, Global Champion in the World Summit Awards 2019, GoODS! of the Global Compact 2019 and Humanitarian Technology 2019 of the Red Cross). In 2017 I joined the NGO vertical at ComGo, an exciting project for those of us who believe that blockchain technology is going to revolutionize the social sector, providing the traceability and transparency it needs to transform society and build together the just world we want. everyone.

To find out what moves me, how it all started, I leave you my TED talk.

Founder & President of and the Common Good Chain
Mini Bio
Speaker and dreamer for a world with no poverty
I want to ensure there is no impact washing. I am providing purpose-driven organisations with impact management & traceability tools so they can create real truthful value to society and the planet and, very important, they can proof it and engage their stakeholders, so their value becomes a competitive advantage in their industries.
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