Anna Juusela is an entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience in the retail sector, as a teacher and a consultant in the field of trends, profitability, and marketing. Her vision and determination to prevent forced marriages and empower women led her to establish the startup We Encourage. An impact company utilising tech for women empowerment by developing a customizable AI chatbot AINO for victims of domestic abuse to provide psycho-social help, long-term support, and guidance 24/7.

Founder & CEO of We Encourage
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Visionary entrepreneur determined to empower women and prevent domestic abuse
There are hundreds of millions of girls and women in developed and developing countries, who are victims of forced marriages, honor-based violence, domestic and sexual abuse. As a woman, who is a firm believer in gender equality, I know there is no such thing as women would be less qualified or weaker than men. There are strong women and weak men, as well as there are weak women and strong men. We all are unique and perfect in our own ways, it is time to break free from the collective conditional programming of gender issues and move towards a new paradigm of valuing each other as human beings. I hope and dream that girls and women, boys and men, all over the world would unite their forces, find the strength and courage to believe in their dream, and ability to realize them. Change is possible.
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