I hold over a decade’s worth of brand credentials in delivering cross-functional and cross-channel branding solutions for the world’s most renowned brand powerhouses (Heineken International, The Absolut Company, Pernod – Ricard, Diageo, Nikon, Kraft-Heinz).  As the founder of the A.D. new world brand consultancy, I channel my experience into elevating the brand performance of social enterprises, B-corps, and businesses willing to transform towards a more impactful, social core.

Social enterprises are the champions for a better world: a world that is more fair, equal, inclusive, unconstrained, diverse. To get there, they need active and actionable support from compatible policies, networks and partnerships.

I want to bridge the gap between social entrepreneurship and the creative industry. The way to get there? Through value-based, human-centred, socially driven and impact-focused branding services. Why? So that social brands are no longer stuck with the marketing guides created for the ‘unicorn wonders’ and ‘fast economy’. 

Creativity should be used to help social brands establish themselves and grow strong from the human core. That is why, as creative thinkers and doers, we should challenge ourselves to provide new tools and services that are free from bias, stereotypes and limiting paradigms. 

Founder of A.D. new world
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Leading social brands to become the champions of a purposeful world
My hope for all women, not only for the younger generation, is that we no longer hope, we no longer dream, we no longer wait. We’re here. We’re there. We’re looking ahead. Let us address the barriers we face. Let us diagnose and understand them so that the barriers can be taken down, wrongful patterns can be unlearned, and all women have an equal, unhindered opportunity to chase their ambitions and dreams. I hope to contribute to it with the Female Heroes series - creative dialogues with female leaders, opinion-makers and academia experts addressing gender inequality within the creative industry.
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