I am the founder of Women in Travel cic, a social enterprise dedicated to empowering women through employability and entrepreneurship in travel, tourism and hospitality. In January 2020, I also launched the first International Women in Travel and Tourism Forum that took place in Iceland and at which the First Lady gave her keynote.

I have been called a trailblazer and a disruptor and more recently ‘one of nine women TRANSFORMING travel’ (Matador network).

I have 20+ years in the sector in strategy and consulting roles for organisations including the World Travel and Tourism Council and KPMG. I have dedicated over 15 years to supporting women in the sector, first within gender consulting boutique Shine and more recently launching social enterprise Women in Travel .

We partner with employers and organisations to provide them with diverse talent by training and mentoring unemployed and disadvantaged women.

We also run UK and international events/programmes that inspire, engage, educate and connect women from diverse backgrounds to industry brands.

In 2018 Women in Travel was the first organisation to launch a trail-blazing initiative to call for greater representation and visibility of black and Asian women in industry.

I am totally committed to ensuring that women claim their role at the heart of communities as I firmly believe this is the only way we will ever achieve a fairer, gender balanced and sustainable society.


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Trailblazing transforming the role of women in travel and tourism industry
We believe that SDGs can be achieved only when women contribute fully to society and to the communities in which they are hosts.Women in Travel cic works tirelessly to provide women - especially the most vulnerable, marginalised and underrepresented - with opportunities for economic empowerment, using travel tourism and hospitality as a force for good.
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