Women have always needed help to solve the usual difficulties in breastfeeding, what has changed is the figure that accompanies them. Women have always relied on the help of other women to learn how to raise and nurture their children. From observation arises knowledge, from knowledge security and resolution capacity. It is from the expansion of artificial milk as an almost general way of feeding babies, that women lose their knowledge about breastfeeding. From this loss and the slow and gradual recovery of breastfeeding knowledge, a new figure appears: the lactation monitors/advisors. Women with their own experience and specific training who offer their time, within social volunteering, to help and accompany other nursing mothers.

Alba is a co-founder of LastApp, a Barcelona-based startup that provides Artificial Intelligence in novel use cases: Breastfeeding and Maternity. It has become the number one choice for expert, confidential and customized advice in real-time among mothers by developing an innovative approach to lower health care costs and improve women’s satisfaction. The App now solves over 100,000 consultations automatically per week and has become the #1 breastfeeding app in Spain used by 23% of Spanish new mothers as well as being downloaded in 177 countries worldwide. We have built key strategic relationships with major players in the maternity ecosystem and are looking to expand internationally. LactApp Women’s Health builds its innovative solution on the firm belief that while breastfeeding can be hard, women should get all the available information, professional care and support network.

Co-Founder of LactApp
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At women's side since the beginning of their new journey
From a young age, we have to equip girls with the knowledge that they can do anything. And one part of this knowledge is about the power of their own body. We have been taught that we are never perfect, that we can always improve something about our body, it is never enough. This tyranny has to end and it has to start from the knowledge of facts, not from the changing esthetic standards of our society. It is not acceptable that many adult women do not know how their own body works. If we trust in ourselves, in our own body, in our abilities and love ourselves from a young age, we will learn a lesson that will allow us as adults to make strategic decisions about key aspects of our lives.
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