I am a co-founder of Positive Carbon.

Positive Carbon works with hospitality businesses to reduce their impact on the environment through using its fully automated food waste monitoring technology. I have also created and implemented food waste reduction programmes across some of the world’s largest food retailers. These include projects with Woolworths and Baker’s Delight, two of the largest food retailers across Australia. As part of my work with OzHarvest (Australia’s leading food rescue organisation), I implemented a food surplus distribution programme, whereby good quality surplus food was donated to local charities through a mobile app.

The initiative spanned the entire continent, reaching new towns and communities that OzHarvest had previously never had access to work with before, helping to expand their reach, prevent food waste and get valuable food to those who can benefit from it. This work saved thousands of kilos of food from reaching landfill and prevented even more CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

Aislang joined an episode of the Start-up Nation podcast. Listen as she discusses her entrepreneurial journey so far and her company’s revolutionary use of AI to assist businesses to reduce their food waste. 

Co-Founder of Positive Carbon
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Revolutionary entrepreneur using AI to reduce the impact of food waste
Over the next ten years, I hope that we can help half the food waste across Europe, in line with the SDG goals - to save food, cut carbon emissions and save the planet.
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