Agnese Frīdenberga is a policy analyst and legal advisor working at a leading policy centre in Latvia – Centre for public policy PROVIDUS. Agnese believes that social entrepreneurs are change-makers. There are several legal instruments how state institutions and state owned companies can support the work of social enterprises – for example, by purchasing goods they produce or using services they provide. She is the co-author of the current legal framework for social entrepreneurship in Latvia and an author of several policy analyses and policy recommendations on social economy issues like support instruments for social entrepreneurship, socially responsible public procurement and the legal framework for non-governmental organizations.

Senior Researcher, Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS
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Policy analyst and legal advisor working at a leading policy centre in Latvia - Centre for public policy PROVIDUS
It is important that the society as a whole and each person individually takes on responsibility for themselves, their family, neighbors, and their community. Social enterprises, alongside civil society organizations, is a key venue for an organized and long-term collective action to seek solutions for societal challenges – to include persons with disabilities in the labor market, to address shortcomings in the educational system, to create accessible social services. The responsibility of the state is to support such enterprises, inter alia, by including them in socially responsible public procurement procedures, by introducing tax breaks and by providing funding for the establishment of such enterprises. In my work in Providus, I nudge state and municipality institutions to help them see the potential and contribution that social enterprises can create for them.
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