As a designer, I have the mission to create solutions for needs without enough solutions, or solutions which are not enough relevant, in regard to the situations. I design solutions for people who need to be inserted into society with the best way: a job in the domain in need of job seekers. In other words we reconcile job seekers with opportunities in the construction industry.

I have created my enterprise for 2 years, in France and we try to find the best solutions of integration for every person who passes through our programs : men or women. We are also developing programs with partners to provide better and more solutions for professional integration for women, to avoid forced part-time, always the same suggested jobs and financial insecurity.

Founder and owner of We are all Builders
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Reconciling job seekers with opportunities in the construction industry
If you have an idea you don't have to wait for the right time, the right person to work with, the right situation, or to be sure it will work ... you have to work on it, and try, test solutions, and be better day by day. Every person can do it and the world needs more solutions to help some person who needs sometimes just a little help.
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