Zohar joined the EN team in December 2022 on a part time basis to support the closing of two ERASMUS+ projects: ESESSI and EYE. Prior to joining EN Zohar worked as an economist at the World Bank Group, focusing primarily on social protection, employment and the Just Transition. Zohar is also involved in advocating for the Doughnut Economics model in his home country of Israel, where he co-founded the Israel Doughnut Economics Community and engages with local municipalities and government officials in promoting a just transition to a sustainable economy. Since graduating from his masters in economic history and development studies from the LSE in 2011, Zohar gained valuable experience working on large development projects and policy analysis and advocacy in several countries and for several intergovernmental organisations. Zohar is also a political commentary junky of sorts and spends way too much time following events around the globe. Before relocating to the Netherlands in 2020, Zohar lived in Vietnam, the UK, the US, Romania and Israel.

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