Dina ChaeraniEU Project and Communication Trainee

Dina Chaerani joined the Euclid Network in January 2022 as a WISE Intern. She has a solid blend of experience working directly with youths in need along with a highly accomplished academic record achieved from the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) upon receipt of her Master’s Degree in Development Studies with double specializations in Children and Youth Studies (CYS) and Public Policy and Management (PPM). Her skill set gained through her youth work with the Youth Advisory Panel (YAP) and being the President of Youth Coalition for Girls (YCG) has afforded her the opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge of social service programs, child and youth support, social entrepreneurship, and operational coordination. Her communication strengths and ability to connect with children and youth of all ages and establish trusting relationships position her to thrive in this challenging field. She feels a devotion to this profession. Her skills include the ability to effectively communication with young adults of all ages and diverse ethnicity in a way that does not show disrespect which is important to them. Besides that, she has been involving herself to work professionally in Plan International Indonesia as Youth Engagement and Recruitment Specialist for Youth Employment Program from 2017-2020. Both of her professional work experiences are really close with youth and children. And of course, she engages them into the project or work values she has. Her social and friendly nature means she has a knack of connecting with children and young people from diverse background and she values the task of building community involvement, which she sees as part of working with child and youth. Child and youth participation is always the forefront of her mind.

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