Helen Maynard HillHead of Member Engagement & Communications

Helen worked for many years as a consultant in the Not for Profit and social enterprise spheres. For most of her working life Helen has had one foot in both the not for profit and business sectors. Much of her vast hands-on experience comes from helping charities, NGO’s and not for profit institutions develop and grow their organisations through fundraising, communications and strategizing with them to help them achieve their goals. Helen has also worked with different social enterprise businesses both in Europe and the US all with varying focuses, from a business which aims to reduce landfill to a social fintech working to increase charitable donations with loyalty points, her experience is diverse. She has also worked extensively with organising, marketing, and promoting events, workshops, webinars, and her own radio show. Helen now helps Euclid to not only outreach to the many varieties of stakeholders but also works with and as encourages new members to join the Social Enterprise community to collaborate, grow and achieve the collective goal of a just and sustainable society.

Contact Helen if you would like to receive more information about: 

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