Helen Maynard Hill

Helen joins the EN team after working for many years as a consultant in the Not for Profit and social enterprise spheres. For most of her working life Helen has had one foot in both the not for [...]

Marcela Neves

Marcela joined Euclid Network in February 2022 as Project Officer and is working on establishing a membership framework and follow-up process to build closer relations with EaSI members and [...]

Tiffany Bennett

With a background in business and international development, Tiffany is passionate about the intersection of these disciplines and the potential for social enterprises to create scalable, [...]

Eleonora Tiralosi

She is currently finishing her Bachelor’s degree in Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam and she joined Euclid Network in February 2022 as a Communication and Design intern. [...]

Sophie Roos

Sophie joined Euclid Network in November 2021 as a Project Officer and is implementing the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs project as well as supporting the development of the Erasmus+ project [...]

Gerlinde Schmidt

Gerlinde joined Euclid Network in April 2021 as a project officer, to support the EU3Digital project and assist other projects and programmes in their policy work and access to EU funding. [...]

Elena Mertel

Before joining Euclid Network, Elena worked with social entrepreneurs and innovators from the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ) for GIZ’s internal innovation accelerator [...]

João Baracho

João Baracho began his career as Merchant Marine Officer, specializing in chemical tankers. After was Board Member of IT companies (Datacomp, Digidoc and Megamedia), Country manager for [...]

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