ULESS is the national union of social and solidarity economy actors in Luxembourg. Founded in 2013, the Union is a partner of the Ministry of Social and Solidarity Economy in Luxembourg and owns the IMPACT Luxembourg verification system, which stems from the Social Impact Society (SIS) law approved by the Parliament in 2016.

ULESS represents and defends the interest of its members, communicates and promotes their activities and the principles the Union stands for; carries out policy and advocacy work in promotion of the SIS legal status and supports the national ecosystem with incubation and capacity building activities. ULESS is a part of the GECES, CEEP and ENSIE.

Currently ULESS has 60 members (it’s a national network), of which 50 are SIS and one member is a large federation of smaller impact-oriented organisations.

Under new leadership since 2020, ULESS will invest in placing a bigger focus on the promotion of SIS, internationally. For the moment, this is done through different mechanisms, such as storytelling. ULESS is currently also working on developing stronger and well-recognized impact measurement and management systems/standards and framework. This is intrinsic to their campaign in the promotion of SIS. Currently, ULESS implements a IMM questionnaire on a continuous basis with its members.

ULESS is 90%+ financed by the Government of Luxembourg.

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